Kid Writing

Kid Writing is the process that we use in Quakertown Community School District for writing instruction in grades K-2. Kid Writing focuses primarily on teaching phonics in the context of writing. Kid Writing introduces the world of written language by engaging children in writing on the first day of school.

Teachers create opportunities to write for many purposes. The key is not to tell children how to write, but to help them sound out words through a process called stretching.

The learning structure of writing time follows the same basic steps each day.

> A child draws a picture and tells a story about it to the
teacher or another adult.

> The child then writes the story receiving help to sound out
the words.

>The adult praises the child's accurate spelling and underwrites
the rest of the story in conventional spelling.

> All written expression is accepted as writing.

The teacher then teaches a mini-lesson based on the areas of need that appeared in the students' writing that day. Students progress at their own developmental writing levels, and these are referred to within a sequence of development: emerging,pictorial,precommunicative,semiphonetic,phonetic, transitional,conventional, and advanced.
The environment of the classroom plays a strong role in supporting students to write independently. Charts of commonly used words are posted; the word wall is used, and tools for remembering words such as /is/, /went/ and /of/ are encouraged for accuracy. The process of Kid Writing allows children to learn to read and write through gradual approximation to adult conventions.

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