Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

Arrival Procedures

If you drive your child to or from school, enter the car parking lot and proceed to the student drop-off area.   Please pull forward to the end of the drop-off area so that cars behind you can also move into the area.


During morning drop-off, when your child is safely on the sidewalk, please pull forward and leave the drop-off area. Problems develop when parents sit in their cars and wait until the child enters the building.  If you choose to watch your child enter the building, you will need to move from the drop-off area and park your vehicle.


Do not park or leave your vehicle standing in the drop-off area (even for a short time) because it creates a backlog of cars that need to circulate through the loop.  If you need to come into the building, even for a few moments, please park your car in the lot.


Children should exit the vehicle from the passenger/curbside.  This will help to keep the through lane clear and the children safe.


Student arrival time ends at 8:45 AM so there is a 15-minute window of time from 8:45 to 9:00 for students to be dropped off.  If your child arrives after the bell rings for classes to start, they should stop in the office for a tardy slip.

Dismissal Procedures


Walkers are students who live within a certain proximity to the school and with a protected walkway so that they do not require bus transportation.  Walkers will exit from the main school entrance and will pass directly up to Woodview Dr. by the flag pole. Parents and families who wish to walk home with their child(ren) will wait for students outside at the front of the school.  


Car Riders

Car Riders are students who have QCSD/Levy bus transportation but are not going home via the assigned bus.  Car Riders will exit the school via the lower doors by the cafe.  Families can either park in the lot and walk up to the café doors to meet their students or families that wish to stay in their vehicles for dismissal can use the drop-off/pick up. Please see this as a “drive-thru” lane, there is no parking in this circle so if you must open car doors for younger students and/or buckle them into car seats, please park in the lot and walk up to the café door for dismissal. Every student that has a bus, will be given two car rider pick-up tags for their vehicles with their last names to be displayed for their rear-view mirror.  School staff will dismiss students to the cars by the name displayed on the tag. If you need more than two car rider tags, please see Mrs. Lucabeche in the office.  

If a bus-riding student is going to go home as a car rider, please notify the school on the day of the change.  If you are changing from a bus rider to a Car Rider, we still require a note stating the change. Please state in the note who is picking up the student, for example, if Grandmom is picking up the note should say “Jane Doe is picking up (insert student name)”. Those names are verified through your stated emergency contact names on InfoSnap. So please list anyone on InfoSnap who is allowed to pick up students, including friends, neighbors, or extended family members. If that person is not listed in InfoSnap as an emergency contact person then we will ask that person to come to the office to present their ID; students will be released from the office in those situations. Regarding phone call requests for car rider/parent pick up, we are requesting that any transportation changes for the day be called into the office no later than 1:00 PM. If you give your car tag to another family for pick-up, please understand that you are assuming the responsibility of a student being dismissed in this manner. 

If you have any questions regarding these changes, please contact Mrs. Lucabeche at the front office. Thank you in advance for your cooperation in these changes.

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